Who is Edgar Matobato?

Edgar Matobato is already 57, which is obvious as it is already evident by her hair color and aging appearance. He is believed to be a native of Samal island in Davao Del Norte. As based on his early life, Edgar’s socio-economic lifestyle belongs to the lower class family where he was fishing for a living.

Edgar Matobato works for the special action force unit of Davao City’s police force by being involved with the execution of repeat offenders in the city for several years. He served as an asset for the Philippine National Police, investigating several suspected dealers and users of prohibited narcotics in Davao City. He claims that he was hired to execute notorious dealers and manufacturers of illegal substance trade in the city for several years. He insists that he worked for the Davao City Death Squad along with the intelligence officers of the Philippine National Police.

Edgar Matobato.For many, he exposed several issues concerning with the implementation of extrajudicial executions in the Philippines. Edgar’s statements are fruitful as he exposed several issues concerning the application of a very rigid law enforcement style that irked the public. However, many are still questioning about the real identity of this person who stormed the mass media by dropping a trending issue that caught the attention of the public.

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